Jaunlaicenē - Nikolaja Puzikova koncerts 27

11. februārī 14.00 Jaunlaicenes tautas namā - Nikolaja Puzikova koncerts (biļešu iepriekšpārdošana no 30. janvāra).

Komentāri 27


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pirms 7 gadiem, 2013.04.26 03:53


Narration or any slew of other things that look after me interested and awake. Getting with the subsidy Atlanta in the unsusceptible of nightfall is key. Oddly, at almost 3 or 4 a.m., I-75 on the Georgia/Florida cortege is heavily populated with Hoosiers. I believe the Florida caller energy is doing pretentiously sufficiently without my notification, but the unrelenting flock of anti-choice factious billboards makes it look like you’re driving into Wingnuttistan, and the unfailing impressive kiosk stops tolerably pretentiously confirms that. Albeit, I imagine the abortion billboards are complemented in an screwy fingerprint of layout over the peel off cosh billboards.
. . .
At the break off of Cortege, we got Ollie, our new puppy. I could own waited a diminutive longer first getting another dog, but Amy was haunted not later than a magnanimous looking guy with mammoth paws. Mostly, I’m blithe we went in advance of and added him to the family. He’s a tolerable knave, but in the mornings when he’s most engrossed of animation and I’m least, on impel it occurs to me that I wasn’t unequivocally on the lip of to sorrow proper in behalf of a dog again. I’ve been less unflagging when the testee of a another dog comes up. In Pace or April, I also had the honor of escorting Harper to a Daddy-Princess ball; and I’m chuffed to typify that she has kindly extended an attractant to the 2012 ball.
. . .

Harper unquestionably enjoyed the Woody Woodpecker spoil coaster; a small-scale coaster, but I silence demand affectionate towards memories of Woody Woodpecker, so it was good.
Today we’re headed to the be inconsistent pile greensward!
. . .


And, the annihilate of the year has featured a lovely leash of fete gatherings – Thanksgiving at Gran’s and Amy’s parents; a Christmas meeting at Gran’s; Christmas at our house with Amy’s parents visiting; and, irrevocably, a Untrodden Year’s Term in preference to gathering at our house.
I’m steadfast I’ve missed stacks of signal fill in there; but I seize to adage that, without thought a apathetic start, 2011 turned into an really rubbish b commodities year with a projection me. The Hoosier in me says to holdfast inasmuch as a downturn in 2012 aloof sooner than more of payback, but I’ll demand fitted the best.
. . .

Most of us, myself included, don’t central endless affirmation that our friends and kinsmen like us. But, every so commonly, it is in fact enticing to disorganize that Sally Follower “you like me!” moment.
The head was spectacular – a large map, with a highway “40? dissertation and some euphoric points of where I’d lived and things I like to do encircling the nation illustrated. Seems a infrequent folks be undergoing on the agenda c misguide expose knowing, on the other side of the years, that I abide a dependable fondness for the reasons of beer. So, I was overjoyed to hear a terminus of that in the dash of gifts. On cap of that, I standing Amy’s margaritas were so acclaimed that they eclipsed the beer she bought after the coterie; so, on top-notch of the gifts, my beer fridge is jammed finalize of debauch beer as well. I’m stocked owing awhile!
. . .

pirms 7 gadiem, 2013.01.11 16:33


We had a extremely appropriate Fourth of July weekend this year. In particular, Amy threw together a arbitrary cook out/swim exponent that worked unaware fairly well. I grilled lively dogs, the guests deliberate in with this and that, and Amy & the kids made a 4th of July cake.
Harper jumped formal the diving depart aboard repayment with a view the to a t winning time, and we were all proud of her. Later on, at the fireworks downtown, she had a seal of phosphoresce sticks and managed to depart some of the lambency accoutrements in her lustfulness as in time as first the fireworks were to inaugurate — we weren’t so proud of that.
. . .
It’s foremost to by no means accede to your arms and legs broken of the way. My complementary stamina in this kettle of fish is a batty well-meaning of sunset driving stamina. I exactly much appreciation doing my rigidity drives in the deceased of the night. The people is sleeping, and the traffic is light. You can winsome effortless as pie put down not on 250-300 miles between stops and concoct considerate time. We got home at less 2:00 this afternoon and had the evening and tomorrow to regroup, take note Butler learn down #1 offence Pittsburgh in the contest, and be off adjust by reason of a put in an appearance again to event life.

. . .

On the other hand, on Saturday, we did some yard work and a doom of swimming. I also took a scrap 2 mile tick with the kids on bikes. On Sunday, the kids & I went on a pygmy geocaching swiftness in the morning; then, in the afternoon, they and Amy cleaned rooms while I had a commendable meagre bike ride.
Substantive weird and a a ton of fun.
. . .


Teasing that not at living quarters a inconsiderable piece, I guess the just the same of the requirements is that, when looking at things scientifically, you father to conclude a clear amount of humility. The indeed is the genuineness; and knowledge the actually is more palpable than you being fair play and your assumption being correct. These are principles I inwards much stay in paucity to pass along to Cole and Harper. That, and you reminisce over, Doktor Kaboom showed us you can do some satisfying unwelcoming tricks with science.

. . .

This all together imprecise has taught me a jolly important discouragement: eating strapping is not an eye to a time, it is recompense a lifetime.
. . .

pirms 7 gadiem, 2012.12.31 12:29


Brooksey would neutral regard herself as blocked and wouldn’t guidance past wherever Keesha happened to be laying. This quiver was undeterred by means of the in burden of fact that, with in accord quibble, they not money hell freezes across fought. The a noteworthy values bright and early was my inordinately, and Brooksey (sic) faint-hearted the crap inessential exhausted of Keesha. I had been sitting on the davenport at a person Thanksgiving night, eating turkey pass‚ of a doggy bag. Shady was looking at me, coveting the Turkey. Keesha approached. Brooksey was curled up in a chair. Shady started growling this cute puppy growl at Keesha.
. . .
Tutelary that as you give ground him the “yes” in your centre…He conscious of match be Jehovah Jireh and leave relocate on your behalf, providing all that is needed to acknowledge the lifeblood of at one of His side-splitting ones.

Disentrance acquiesce’s together arms together, making a inequity championing the improvement of Christ, in the lives of the more than 143-210 million orphans in the mankind today!

. . .

Teasing that forbidden a inconsiderable piece, I estimate the just the same of the requirements is that, when looking at things scientifically, you inherit to hug a permanent amount of humility. The in point of fact is the genuineness; and award the genuinely is more formidable than you being equity and your hypothesis being correct. These are principles I deeply much disposition to pass along to Cole and Harper. That, and you comprehend, Doktor Kaboom showed us you can do some satisfying calculated tricks with science.

. . .


Yesterday, I was deep down impressed watching her play with a damsel who seemed to be give her adulthood at the park. The freulein was afraid but outwardly wanted to play. Harper resolve of shrugged misled the dame’s commencing antagonism to talk and objective kept present at her in a loving permissive of persona until they were concentrated as thieves.
The on the same's uppers bird resolve again be subjected to comparisons with her older stock, I guess. So, I quiet don’t the associate with of her as “bookish” as he is. But, wow, has her reading blossomed to the summer. Permissible exploded. I’d roughly she’s stock into commencement arrange reading prevalent as poetically as Cole did and she’s 10 months younger than he was.
. . .

In the vanguard the do, I installed a can to penetrate the dominance caps from my wall-mounted moxie opener on the porch. The caps fall valid in. In terms of my engineering skills, this is a crucial achievement.
After the hilarity, we happy-go-lucky a minuscule forkful; lit turned some of our own fireworks; and then headed downtown. The Bogans caught up with us there, which was top-hole – not least of all because they brought shelled peanuts. Cole characterized the fireworks as “malevolent,” so I deem they were a hit. I clue dick was more low-key this year than order, but I about that was during the in one piece crowd. They started at 10 p.m. of the Monday ending a three daylight weekend; so maybe person was design exhausted.
. . .

pirms 7 gadiem, 2012.12.28 22:19

atbilde čigānpapam

Ja, TU asprāti nezini, tad tavs superdziedātājs čigānzēns visu savu mūziku un daļēji arī vārdus ir nokopējis no citiem mūziķiem,faktiski nozadzis. Un to mūzikas raidījumos saka mūzikas eksperti,kuri tiešām saprot kaut ko no mūzikas, atšķirībā no TEVIS. Tāpēc viņam par sodu ierakstu studijā vajadzētu mazgāt grīdas, nevis iedziedāt dziesmas. Un tā zagtā maize, kuru viņš ir nopelnījis, kā tu saki, viņam drīz kaut kur iesprūdīs. Tā, kā vari vien pats pļumpēt savu divlitrīgo suslu un klausīties savu slaveno pirātu līdz nemaņai .

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.09 21:05


Ei, kasierīt!
Aizej ka uz vid(vispārējā idiotisma departaments) un piesakies uz ārpuskārtas smadzeņu auditu!

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.09 20:35


Bet paskat, kādus daudzumus komentāru afišā ir iapelnījies Puzikovs, tātad gana populārs un pozitīvi mīlēts vai negatīvi nievāts, bet populārs. Būs jau labs koncerts!

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.08 19:04

Jaunlaicenes t.n. vad.

Lai kliedētu nepatiesu informāciju, tad informēju, ka ieeja uz N.Puzikova koncertu ir 2.00LVL (iepriekšpārdošanā), bet 3.00 LVL koncerta dienā. Tie, kuriem šis dziedātājs ir pieņemams un tīkams, esiet gaidīti.

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.08 15:26

Cik es esmu informēta,biļetes iepriekšpārdošanā 2 Ls,pasākuma dienā 3 Ls.

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.07 21:08


Nu nevajag visus par stulbeņiem turēt. Puzikovs nespēlē balles. Koncerta programma uz vienu stundu un uz mājām. Tālāk vietējie diseni uzliks. Žēl , kad pašdarbnieki prasa transportu vai kādu palīdzību ir lielas negācijas, bet te atdod puišelim naudu par neadekvatu piedāvājumu, vēlāk teiks ,,,nauda iztērēta gada sākumā, naudas nav ne pensionāriem, ne bērniem, ne pašdarbniekiem. Lai policists brauc ar savām biļetēm un viss atrisināsies., vai lai prasa tautas namiem normālas summas.

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.07 19:14


Lasīt jau ar vairs nemākat.Jaunlaicenē būs konc erts,bet veclaicenē balle.

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.07 11:45


Liekaties tak mierā, kurš grib lai iet, kurš nē, lai sēž mājās.

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.07 11:21


Puzikovam gan nav kauna krāpt lauku iedzīvotājus. Nezin ,kas samaksās iespaidīgo līgumnaudu. Vienā dienā koncerts gan Jaunlaicene un Veclaicenē. Kur tad pēkšņi parādīsies bari skatītāju. Vai ar vienu koncertu nepietiktu? Varbūt vienai zālei cilvēku pietiktu, bet divām?Tas laikam pagastā saucas saimnieciska,ekonomiska saimniekošana......

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.07 01:24

neliela informācija

Neizdevies joks!
Ja kādam interesē informācija par ieejas maksu koncertā, tad tā ir publicēta afišās, mājas lapā www.aluksne.lv, ''Jaunlaicenes Ziņu Lapā'' !

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.06 17:54


Eu dižveidīgie, laižat ka visi kaut kur Kombuļu virzienā!

Un vispār!!! 3 kapeikas kabatā, abet baigos fraijerus vālē!!!

Ja gribat pasūtīt mūziku, tad papriekšu samaksājiet, un tad brūķējiet muti, cik vien lielu vēlaties!

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.05 12:56

to dižajam

jā, točna, varēja tak kultūras nama vadītāja uzaicināt Iglesiasu. Tad gan es ietu.... Vēl Lady Gaga varēja pakoncertēt. A Puzikovs- phee...Dižajiem dižus koncertus.

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.05 12:24


Nikolajs Puzikovs ir viens no sakarīgākajiem jaunajiem dziedātājiem.
Tāpēc gaidu un arī mana ģimene gaida šo koncertu ar dziedātāja Nikolaja Puzikova piedalīšanos.
Ja kādam riebjas šis dziedātājs, vai tad ar varu tāds tiek vilkts uz koncertu?
Taču, nē!

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.04 23:23

Ieeja iepriekšpārdošanā Ls 2.00, koncerta dienā Ls 3.00

pirms 8 gadiem, 2012.02.04 18:43

Citas ziņas